5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Online Jewelry Shopping Experience

The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it a big decision for many consumers: how can they stretch their shrinking dollars to buy what they want for loved ones, friends, or even for themselves? Well, it is no secret that some of the best deals can be found online and this year savvy consumers are expected to be searching early in a bid to conserve cash without having to settle for less.

Comparing Online Shopping Sites Is A Must

Not all online shopping sites are the same, with some clearly to be avoided. Let’s take a look at what you need to look for as you shop online for that diamond solitaire pendant, white gold hoop earrings, or other fine jewelry gift items.

Is The Site Secure?

Lots of people are selling their wares online with some retailers producing highly sophisticated websites which include thousands of items, Flash, rotating product photos, and much more. But, the proof that you are dealing with a retailer who is interested in protecting your security is what happens at the checkout: is your purchase secure?

There are two ways to confirm checkout security: First, upon giving your credit card information, the web address changes slightly to “https” instead of “http” with the fifth letter telling you that the checkout process is secure. Second, the other way can be found in most web browsers – a closed padlock icon appears in the corner of your browser screen. If one or both options are available, then your transaction is secure from the eyes of prying thieves. If not, move on to a retailer who provides generally accepted internet security for their shoppers.

Can Shoppers Contact The Retailer?

From a consumer’s perspective, knowing that a representative of the online jeweler can be reached can be of immense comfort to them should a question arise about the product they are interested in. Smart retailers provide several ways for consumers to contact them: online chat, a toll free number, or via email support. If you can’t find any of these contact methods present, then you may be dealing with a one-person affiliate or other third party provider who really doesn’t have a stake in the business. This doesn’t mean that you’re dealing with an disreputable party, but you certainly won’t get the help that a trained professional can offer to you.

What Are Their Shipping Policies and Procedures?

It is nice that you found the buy of the century, but how will the retailer ship this item to you? A trusted source such as the United States Postal Service, FEDEX, and DHL, UPS or other known shipping company is a must. In addition, find out who pays for shipping, how much, and is your item fully insured? Lastly, if the company has a return policy in place, who pays for shipping the item back to the retailer?

What Sort Of Return Policy Is In Place?

What scares some people from shopping online is worry that they’ll receive a product that just doesn’t measure up to what they want. Smart retailers understand this concern, offering some of the most liberal return policies in the business. A money back guarantee is only as good as the offer – beware of “restocking fees” or other unpublished charges that suddenly show up on your credit card. Learn how many days you can examine the jewelry before it must be returned, whether resizing is included, and how long of a warranty is offered by the retailer. The best retailers offer their customers a lifetime warranty on quality jewelry items.

How Can Customers Pay For Their Purchases?

Accepting credit cards is important for any business with American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA being the most commonly accepted methods for making payments. Wire transferring funds to the retailer is a nice option while a personal or certified check can be great for the consumer who wants to use that method – once the funds clear the bank, your item is sent. Finally, for smaller retailers offering Pay pal, Money bookers, or other third party sources can be useful as well.

Clearly, this holiday season will be a boon for the consumer who is looking for value as retailers everywhere slash prices, including some of the largest jewelry providers online. Shop early; compare prices and products; and be prepared to gain a stronger appreciation for the convenience and affordability that online shopping provides for consumers the world over.

How To Choose The Wedding Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry for the wedding may not be the easiest thing for the bride and it should not be done at random. There are so many details to be considered.

First of all, they have to harmonize with the dress. The color of the dress may be one of those important elements. If the wedding dress is white, the most attractive jewels would be from gold and pearls. It is true that a certain superstition says that pears should not be worn at weddings because they may bring tears in the life of the young bride, but what can be more sophisticated than a rope of pears? In fact, the pearl is the symbol of prosperity and in the ancient Greece, it stood for love, marriage and beauty. The Greeks thought that pearls could bring the necessary prosperity in a marriage.

Returning to the color of the dress, an ivory dress would match pearls of the same color and gold. A dress with pink hues may be associated with gold jewels with precious stones in light tons. Once the problem of color is solved, the next essential element is the design of the dress. A sophisticated dress would ask for simple jewels. Opulent accessories will lay stress on a simple one.

The style of the dress plays a major role in the selection of the accessories. Most dresses have a large cleavage which asks for a spectacular necklace and earrings. In case the cleavage is insignificant, a pair of earrings would be enough.

There is an unwritten guide of what kind of necklace to be worn in accordance with the collar of the dress. A large, generous chaplet of pearls may be rolled three times around the neck. The “princely collar” is in fact the type of dress without braces. For such a model, the necklaces should be longer than the base of the neck. It could be associated with a pendant. The earrings are meant to be chosen according to the haircut and the shape of the face. They may miss in case the bride chooses a tiara; an issue of equilibrium.

All in all, taking into consideration there are so many details that have to be thought about, it would be ideal to go to a place where you can find all models together. Wholesale jewelry shops are exactly what a bride may need. You may be floored, but the large variety of models is exactly what you have to require.

There Is Nothing Frightening About Shopping for Jewelry Online These Days

Shopping for jewelry has always been a favorite pastime for women. Depending on how you see it internet shopping can either be advantageous or disadvantageous. In the past people were always skeptical about buying jewelry online. They would always answer in the negative when asked if they would consider this method. However, the recent advancements have brought about a change in people’s minds and has caused people to open up their minds.

Shopping for jewelry online these days is becoming very popular because people are very comfortable purchasing jewels online and also because it is the current trend. With many people choosing the online route it is becoming evident that the Internet is not a bad thing after all. However, it is vital that you be very careful about the websites you choose. Performing a complete research before you decide on a website to ensure the safety of your money.

The fear that people had in the past is being replaced these days and is being considered just another anxiety that tends to happen when something new comes up in life. Once people get used to the shopping experience, the fear is replaced with joy and ease.

With people realizing the benefits of shopping on the internet, their attitude towards jewelry shopping has also changed. There are a few reasons for the increasing popularity of this trend, like:

The convenience – if one is looking out for an engagement ring, you can easily go ahead and browse through a jewelry website, pick a few that you like, compare them and decide on one that you love most. This is very convenient and would not require you to strain yourself in walking through a mall just to find that perfect ring. From the comfort and convenience of your own home, you can go ahead and find the diamond ring that would never fail to amaze your girlfriend. Buying online will also help you in saving fuel costs. You no longer have to think about the exhausting traffic too. You would easily be able to take your own sweet time in choosing designs and comparing prices till you find the perfect match.

Variety-the variety is amazing and she would also be able to select from number of styles. You also have the option of shifting from website to website in order to find that perfect ring. The quality provided by online stores is top class and you would also be able to ask for personalized jewelry. This way you can easily request for jewelry to be custom-made according to your choice. Though you would not be able to physically feel the jewelry, this is compensated by certain websites which offer 3-D pictures and video too.

Savings-it is a well-known fact that you should be able to find good deals when shopping online. It is the same when it comes to shopping for jewelry. Online jewelry stores are much cheaper when compared to the regular stores because they do not incur any of the normal expenses that happens with the brick and mortar stores.

Paying for the jewelry bought online can be done easily by using various methods such as paying by credit card, debit card or even sometimes you can pay on delivery. This this you the flexibility in paying as well.

Therefore buying jewelry online is definitely more advantageous when compared to shopping from physical stores. In addition to this many websites even offer a 30 day return policy which allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied with the design. The only disadvantage is that you would not be able to get the exact touch and feel of the jewelry.